Rachel Rosenthal - interdisciplinary artist

Rachel Rosenthal is an interdisciplinary artist, a teacher, and animal rights activist based in Los Angeles, California.   Rachel is Artistic Director and founder of The Rachel Rosenthal Company.

In 2000 Rachel Rosenthal was honored by the City of Los Angeles as “a Living Cultural Treasure of Los Angeles”.    Rachel's work centers around the issue of humanity's place on the planet.

The who's who who Mike talks with are:

Guy Dill is one of the acknowledged contemporary masters of large-scale, abstract sculptural work.

Mark Peel is a James Beard Foundation Award-nominated chef, hailing from California. He is the executive chef and owner of Campanile restaurant.

The who's who who Mike talks with are:

Charles Arnoldi is best known for his brightly-colored, abstract paintings that incorporate the use of wood as an expressive medium, often using tree branches and twigs.

Sally Kirkland is probably best known for her performance in "Anna," for which she garnered the 1987 Motion Picture Academy's Best Actress Nomination.




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