P.F.Sloan - American pop-rock singer and songwriter

His family moved to West Hollywood, California in 1957. Sloan recorded a single, "All I Want Is Loving," for the R&B record label Aladdin Records, which folded soon after its release.

He became part of the burgeoning Los Angeles music scene, landing a job on the songwriting staff at startup label Dunhill Records. Using the name Phil F. Sloan or P.F. Sloan, he wrote hits for many performers. His "Kick That Little Foot Sally Ann" was done by a [[Watts, California]- born performer named Round Robin, and given an arrangement by Jack Nitzsche.

He wrote "Eve of Destruction", "Child Of Our Times"& "Upon A Painted Ocean", recorded by Barry McGuire; "You Baby" The Turtles; and "Secret Agent Man" Johnny Rivers. The last was the theme tune for Secret Agent, a British TV series that had been given a new title and theme for the U.S. market. (In Britain it was called Danger Man). Sloan also wrote, sang and produced songs for The Grass Roots, Jan and Dean, and various others along with his then writing and production partner Steve Barri.

In 2005 he made a series of recordings with producer Jon Tiven in Nashville, Tennessee. The resulting album, Sailover, was released in August 2006 on the Hightone label. The record was a mixed bag of old and new songs, including several co-written by Tiven, and includes guests Frank Black, Buddy Miller, Lucinda Williams, Felix Cavaliere, Tom Petersson, and Gary Tallent.

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