JD Disalvatore,producer,director,editor,actor,productions,LGBT,film,television,TheSmokingCocktail.com,blog,business,video,online,tv

JD Disalvatore has worked as a producer, director, editor, and even actor in productions of all shapes and sizes. JD has been an advocate for LGBT film/television and recently has taken to the internet with her highly popular TheSmokingCocktail.com blog.

Damion Young,video,business,interview,Damizza,Record Producer,Guilty By Association

Damion "Dimizza" Young more than just a Record Producer who has been heard by over a billion people and spent over 500 weeks on the Billboard charts. Damizza worked with J. Marshall Craig on his memoirs “Guilty By Association” - a candid, no-holds-barred look at an already unprecedented career and life.

Bob Tulipan,business,video,entertainment industry,Public Image LTD,Psychedelic Furs,concert promoter,online,tv

Bob Tulipan has more than 30 years experience in the entertainment industry and has represented acts such as Public Image LTD & Psychedelic Furs, promoted concerts including events for the Moscow Film Festival and The 1998 G-8 Summit Meeting in Denver.

Jacqueline Wales,Fearless Factor,The Fearless Factor
program,Fearless Fifties,make the changes,improve quality of life

Jacqueline Wales is the author of The Fearless Factor and founder of The Fearless Factor program and Fearless Fifties. Jacqueline is also the author of When The Crow Sings, a semi-autobiographical novel, as well as several other compilations.

J.Marshall Craig, writer, appeared in, director, actor, Dont
Let Me Be Misunderstood

J.Marshall Craig has written, appeared in and/or directed a number of independent films. He is responsible for Eric Burdon's Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood and The Rolling Stones keyboardist Chuck Leavell's Between Rock and a Home Place.

Bernard Fowler,Singer,Songwriter,Musician,Rock,Jazz

Bernard Fowler is an American singer/songwriter and musician with a long list of credits spanning all genres of music. Bernard has spent the last decade with the Rolling Stones and has a solo album called Friends with Privileges. His new single is New York Time.

Thea Gill,Canada,Actress,Los Angeles,star,role,Lindsay Peterson,Showtime,Queer as


Canadain Thea Gill is best known for her starring role as Lindsay Peterson on Queer as Folk. In 2006 she joined the cast of the original series Dante's Cove in the role of Diana Childs. Thea Gill is also a talented singer and performer.

Amy Luwis,RescueGirl,Amy Luwis,RescueGirl,Yoga to the Rescue

The original RescueGirl Amy Luwis launched her company in 2004 to inspirit and applaud women. Amy's "Yoga to the Rescue: Remedies for Real Girls" is released in book form through Sterling Publishing.

Gordon Elliott,Follow Productions,Food Network,tv,video,television,shows

Gordon Elliott made his name in television in Australia before moving to New York, hosting a variety of TV shows for the major networks. He now runs Follow Productions which produces Paula Deen's Home Cooking for Food Network.

Lou Aronica,founder of The Fiction Studio,The Fiction Studio,full service editing,writing studio

Lou Aronica is the founder of The Fiction Studio, a full-service editing and writing studio. He is also a non-fiction collaborator, novelist, and former publisher of Avon Books and Berkley Books and is involved in a specialist publishing venture, The Story Plant.

Rhodi Hawk,transcription linguist,technical writer,fiction author,Rhodi Hawk International writer, Thrillerwriter,A Twisted Ladder book,A Twisted Ladder Author

Rhodi Hawk began her career as a transcription linguist in US Army intelligence. She now writes fiction full time. In 2007 Rhodi won the International Thrillerwriter's Scholarship for her first work of fiction, A Twisted Ladder due this summer through Tor/Forge.

Hessians Motor Cycle Club,Orange County,liaison officer,Confederation of Clubs,Southern

California,bikers rights,bikers rights legislation

Spike is a liaison officer for the Confederation of Clubs in Southern California, which pushes for bikers' rights in legislation and employs lobbyists and attorneys for the cause. Spike is also the Hessians Motor Cycle Club Orange County President.

William Stadiem, best selling author, Marilyn Monroe Confidential book, Lullaby book, Goodnight book, Vincent Bugliosi author, Madam 90210 book, commercial sex in Hollywood, Dont Mind If I Do book, George Hamilton celebrity book, New York Times bestseller book

William Stadiem is a best selling author of many books including Marilyn Monroe Confidential, Madam 90210, an inside look at deluxe commercial sex in Hollywood, and Donąt Mind If I Do, a memoir of celebrity with George Hamilton.

Friday Jones,Tattoo Artist,tattoos and articles

Friday Jones is one of the hottest Tattoo Artists in the world today. Her tattoos and articles have appeared in publications worldwide & has decorated the bodies of many celebrities. Friday Jones is a member of the National Tattoo Association.

P.F Sloan,sloan songwriter,sloan musician,music business,Dunhill Records,pop factory,60s music songwriter,The Turtles music songwriter,Johnny Rivers songwriter,The Grassroots songwriter. Eve of Destruction songwriter,protest anthem

P.F Sloan was a driving force behind the Dunhill Records pop factory. He was a prolific songwriter in the '60s working with The Turtles, Johnny Rivers etc. His song "Eve of Destruction" was one of the first protest anthems to crack the pop charts.

Jacqueline Wales, Fearless Fifties, When The Crow Sings.

Jacqueline Wales was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. She holds a black belt in karate, is a singer/songwriter and the author of four books. Her latest is When The Crow Sings. Jacqueline Wales is founder of Fearless Fifties.

Vincent Bugliosi, The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder

Vincent Bugliosi is one of the most successful prosecutors in this country, with a record including twenty-one murder convictions without a single loss. Vincent Bugliosi's new book outlines his case for The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder.

The Compass

Each week over one million people enjoy a wellness and personal development program created by Dr. John Spencer Ellis. Apart from his many professional and physical achievements, John is author of several books including The Compass.

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